The Pilot Support Scheme (PSS) Call is a pan-European contest aimed at awarding a total commission of €400,000 to successful partnerships between makers and manufacturers that hold the pioneering potential to break through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

These commissions of €20.000 per project are intended to foster collaboration and help the winners to prototype, test and launch their innovations, including production processes, supply or value chains, distribution or ownership, and encourage business models that are sustainable and deliver social impact.

Applications were submitted through the online Platform  from the 18th of September to the 18th of October 2017 - submissions are now CLOSED and winners have been selected. OpenMaker has received strong and innovative applications from Maker-Manufacturer teams who aim to have a social impact on their surrounding communities, check out our semifinalists and winners!

For more information on the PSS, please consult our Q&A Session on the PSS published in early September.

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