Below you can find a general list of common questions that might arise as you consider applying for the OpenMaker Pilot Support Scheme.

Can a public institution submit a proposal?

A public institution, like a University research center, or a Local Authority, can participate in the call as a partner, but not as the leading party. The leading party should be an SME.

Can NGOs and Associations be compared to SMEs?

As long as they fall under the EU definition of SMEs, they can.

Should we propose the further development of a prototype already partially developed before the call?

Yes, the call encourages the further development of partially developed prototypes. However, only the activities performed during the 9-month programme, and the related costs, may be claimed for receiving the PSS support.

Can an organization submit more than one proposal?

Yes. As a leader, you can submit only 1 proposal, but as partner you can submit multiple proposals.

Can an organization from a non OpenMaker country participate in the PSS?

Yes, but not as a lead partner. As long as you  guarantee that at least some  impact of the project implementation in the LES areas, organisations from other countries where there are no accelerators from the project  (i.e. France, Austria) can participate as a partner.

I can’t find where to register on the web site.

To register, go on

Am I a maker or manufacturer?

If you are working in a manufacturing, or an arts and crafts company, then you are a manufacturer. If you are an expert of digital technologies and DIY, whether you are a freelance or a company, you are a maker. If you don’t fall under these two categories, contact to receive indications.   

I am a both a maker and a manufacturer – do I still need a partner?

The aim of the call for projects is to incentivize collaborations between makers and manufacturers. All the proposals should involve at least one maker and one manufacturer.

Does this disbar me from applying for other EU funds?

No, it doesn’t.

Am I digital enough? I don’t use technology, can I still apply?

The call is not strictly asking for digital innovation, but rather for product, process and service innovation. Of course, the call will attract many digital innovations, but is open also to other kind of innovation, if these are developed through a partnership of makers and manufacturers.

I am not from the EU, can I still apply?

Non-EU participants are accepted, but could not be the leading party of a proposal. Moreover, submissions must be linked in their implementation to the four EU countries hosting OpenMaker – UK, Italy, Slovakia or Spain – and demonstrate a measurable impact in relation to the region or locality of their Accelerator.

Can you introduce me to manufacturers who do short runs?

Yes, we can search for manufacturers willing to collaborate on short runs, and introduce makers to them.

Can you circulate what we need to your innovation network?

Yes, local Accelerators can assist on that. All the contacts can be found in the Terms of Reference of the Call.

How do we meet other makers/manufacturers?

On the project platform (, in the events organised by local accelerators, or by contacting your local accelerator enablers.

Where can we get more information?

All the information are indicated on the Terms of Reference (

and the application template can be consulted here  (

For additional information, you can contact the accelerators at the addresses indicated in the Terms of Reference.

When do applications open?

On the 18th of September. They can be submitted until the end of the 18th of October.

What does the application form look like? Is it complicated?

It is not complicated! Check it here: (

Do we get support if we are successful?

Yes. Check on the Terms of Reference how: (

What happens if we are not successful?

You get a notification from the accelerator, and you will nonetheless receive support through the participation to OpenMaker events, being active on our digital platform [] and the indication of future opportunities.  

Do we get to meet/talk to the other successful people?

Yes! There will be events of presentation of successful ideas, which will be open to all the members of the local communities of OpenMaker. there will be also international events, were you can mingle with other winners from other countries or meet inspiring makers and manufacturers!

How long do we have to deliver the project?

You have 9 Months, starting from January 2018.

Are there any reference agreements between maker and manufacturer?

No, each agreement is different depending on the partners. Each partner(maker or manufacturer) must know what really matters to him, his values, the relationship and the link he wants to keep with the other partner. This must be reflected in the collaboration agreement.

Does working with open licenses or open innovation mean losing control over the prototype we have been working on?

No. Open does not have to be free. There are many different types of open licenses that can protect our Intellectual Property Rights in a way that satisfies you. You shall think on these licenses and reflect them in the agreement with your partner.