This page collects key open-access results generated by the OpenMaker team, for more information please contact us.

Our objectives, as originally stated, include:

  • The establishment of accelerator spaces across Europe to enable partnerships between Makers and Manufacturers;
  • A dedicated programme piloted in each accelerator to build capabilities and partnerships;
  • A total of 20 grants of €20 000 to be awarded to the most promising partnerships;
  • A dedicated digital platform to support communication between all the partners in the four locations and allow stakeholders and partners from other locations to participate;
  • Mapping of data through the platform, providing knowledge on boosting partnerships to combine greater productivity and social impact.

Our community is growing...



Outreach to 415.000 people


  • 33 000 people representing the industry sector
  • + 51 000 people representing makers/hacker spaces
  • 333 000 people from non-specialist groups

Release of Digital Platform


  • 678 registered users (71 organisations and 447 individuals/persons)
  • 509 onboarded profiles

Events & Networking

  • Organisation of over 80 events
  • Active and direct engagement of 1.098 people
  • Attendance of key external events to spread the OpenMaker word

Open Call for Proposals

  • 137 proposals (310 makers, manufacturers and stakeholders)
  • Projects envisaging the direct engagement of more than 7.000 individuals through the creation of new job opportunities


Insights from the Platform

By using WordCloud, the research team determined the top 50 words as profiles within our community: ‘Designer’ is the most common word (43), closely followed by ‘Manager’ (42).

This suggests that most of our community members are Makers.

Preliminary visual representation of community networks

  • Each node is an onboarded person
  • Profiles that do not insert Tags are not shown and are treated as isolated nodes
  • A link is present if two nodes share at least one (out of six) Tags
  • Clusters/communities are differentiated by colour
  • The size of node reflects the number of connections and areas of (potential) community bridges


Some metrics:

  • N. nodes: 385
  • N. of isolated nodes: about 130
  • N. of Edges: 14058
  • Average degree: 73
  • Network diameter: 6
  • Graph density: 0.19