Below you can find a list of the Project's public deliverables as designated in our agreement with the European Commission.


WP1 Local Enabling Spaces for Open Manufacturing communities

D1.2 LES gov system 1.0 - Online database with profiles of the targeted, potential community.

D1.3 Enablers Training Activity - Training sessions for the teams of Enablers responsible for managing the OpenMaker Accelerators.

D1.4 Accelerators Methodological Guidelines - Supporting tool for the Enablers that explains the model, the activities and the engagement methodologies.

D1.5 PSS Call for Proposals - Indication of application procedures, section criteria and scheme for beneficiaries of the PSS Call.

D1.6 LES Governance System 2.0 - Updated database with profiles of all LES and connected LES members.

D1.8 Enabling Programme Report - Report of all the activities delivered by LES within the Enabling Programme.

D1.9 - OpenMaker Prototypes Demonstrator - Open Manufacturing Prototyping projects.

WP2 Digital Social Platform

D2.2 Digital Social Platform - A technical overview for the OpenMaker Digital Social Platform (DSP).

D2.3 Conceptual Model - Development of the conceptual framework for Collective Awareness Platforms.

D2.4 Novel Network Metrics - Publication on novel metrics developed in the project to measure social impact.

D2.5 Social Impact Memes - Report on insights from machine learning on meme diffusion about innovation across communities.

WP3 Impact

D3.1 Impact Evaluation 1.0 - The framework detailing the indicators and measurement processes against which the achievement of agreed outcomes will be evaluated.

D3.2 Impact Evaluation 2.0 - Framework revision building on feedbacks from growing OpenMaker physical and digital communities, as well as through an online consultation.

D3.3 Impact Evaluation 3.0 - Measurement of the achievements according to macro, meso and micro levels.

D3.4 Final Impact Report - The final impact report draws on the lessons learnt during the project lifespan and enriched by the SM physical and digital communities.

WP4 Outreach and exploitation

D4.1 Mid-Term Report on Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan - Details the measures implemented and reports the results obtained in the first year, keeping a clear distinction between communication and dissemination.

4.2 Exploitation models and Success Stories Catalogue V. 1 - Details and rationalises the new business models emerging from the pilots and collects success stories.

D4.3 White paper version 1.0 - Initial proposal of policy recommendations for the EU, national governments and industrial partners.

D4.4 Final report on Communication&Dissemination and final exploitation plan - Details the measures implemented and reports the results obtained in the second year.

D4.5 Final business models and success stories catalogue - Final version of the catalogue.

D4.6 Final White paper - Final OM policy recommendations.

WP5 Project Management

D5.1 Project Quality Plan - Document underlying quality management and assurance throughout the project work plan.

D5.5 Data Management Plan - Plan underlying the policy and the rules for data management.

D5.14 Final Report - Final report detailing all the project activities and results.

M1 - M16 Summary - Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project.