Below you can find a list of OpenMaker Project Deliverables - specific outcomes of this project as designated in our agreement with the European Commission.

D1.2 Community Profiled Database 1.o

Online database with profiles of the targeted, potential community

D1.3 Enablers Training Activity

Training sessions for the teams of Enablers responsible for managing the OpenMaker Accelerators

D1.4 Accelerators Methodological Guidelines

Supporting tool for the Enablers that explains the model, the activities and the engagement methodologies

D3.1 Impact Evaluation 1.0

The framework detailing the indicators and measurement processes against which the achievement of agreed outcomes will be evaluated.

D3.2 Impact Evaluation 2.0

Framework revision building on feedbacks from growing OpenMaker physical and digital communities, as well as through an online consultation

D5.1 Project Quality Plan

Document underlying quality management and assurance throughout the project work plan

D5.5 Data Management Plan

Plan underlying the policy and the rules for data management

M1 - M16 Summary

Summary of the context and overall objectives of the project

D1.5 PSS Call for Proposals

Indication of application procedures, section criteria and scheme for beneficiaries of the PSS Call

D3.3 Impact Evaluation 3.0

Measurement of the achievements according to macro, meso and micro levels

D2.3 Conceptual Model

Development of the conceptual framework for Collective Awareness Platforms

D2.2 Digital Social Platform

A technical overview for the OpenMaker Digital Social Platform (DSP)

D4.1 Mid-Term Report on Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan

Details the measures implemented and reports the results obtained in the first year, keeping a clear distinction between communication and dissemination.

D4.3 White paper version 1.0

Initial proposal of policy recommendations for the EU, national governments and industrial partners.