Call for Submissions

OpenMaker Pilot Support Scheme

OpenMaker is seeking strong and innovative applications from Maker-Manufacturer teams who aim to have a social impact on their surrounding communities. The 20 best proposals will receive a commission of €20,000 to develop their project as part of our Pilot Support Scheme (PSS).

These commissions are intended to foster collaboration between Makers and Manufacturers, prototype innovations including products, production processes, supply or value chains, distribution or ownership, and encourage partnerships that are sustainable and deliver social impact.

Submissions to the PSS are open September 18 - October 18, 2017.

All applications must be submitted through the online Platform.

Read here the Term of Reference.

Applicants will work with one of our four Accelerator programmes in Bratislava, Florence/Torino, Bilbao or Wolverhampton/Birmingham/Liverpool/Salford. These programmes will provide support and mentoring to foster collaboration and achieve social impact. Ultimately 20 commissions of up to €20,000 each will be awarded to the most promising partnerships (5 commissions supported by each Accelerator).

OpenMaker is also open to those who might not be ready to apply for the PSS. Beyond the specific support provided by the Accelerators, all applicants and community members will have access to the dedicated digital platform to support communication and enable relationships between Makers, Manufacturers and partners in the four hubs with access for other stakeholders and locations. User activities and preferences will be mapped through the platform to provide knowledge on boosting partnerships to deliver greater productivity and social impact.

Before you apply, we suggest you check out the FAQ.

For any additional information or questions, participants can contact:

  • in Bilbao: Garcia Valbuena, Jorge (Jorge [dot] Garcia [at] tecnalia [dot] com)
  • in Florence/Turin: Marmo, Dario (dario [dot] marmo [at] agenzialama [dot] eu)
  • In Bratislava: Billy, Lubomir (lubomir [dot] billy [at] centire [dot] com)
  • in Liverpool/Salford/Wolverhampton/Birmingham: Rushton, Erika (erika [dot] rushton [at] gmail [dot] com)

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The team lead by prof. Ali Taylan Cemgil of Bogazici Universitesi, in the frame of the OpenMaker project, will perform a research project training and testing statistical machine learning algorithms that allow easy filtering of social media contents using posts of the website. Read the privacy policy