OpenMaker to officialy launch the European Maker Week

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On October 18th, OpenMaker will take part to the official launch of the European Maker Week 2017. European Maker Week is an initiative is promoted by the European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome, in collaboration with Startup Europe. During the event, chaired by VicePresident Telicka and MEP Pirinski, a group of innovators and visionaries will present their stories, inspiring how makers and manufacturers can collaborate to create the industry of the future. The aim of the European Maker week is twofold: to create awareness about the importance of the maker culture and to build bridges between local authorities and media and the main players of their own local makers ecosystems. The event will showcase how partnerships between makers and industry can develop cutting edge technical innovations with the potential to address societal challenges. It will address how the Maker movement, an emerging and dynamic social technology-based movement embracing ‘Open Manufacturing’, can become a new paradigm for production, closer to people and local communities.