The Project

The aim of this project is to create practical and high quality 3D products to be printed with Voladd machines through the Voladd content platform. This content platform is an online infrastructure where user will find out thousands of objects and allow them to create all those objects without being a designer or either a 3D printing expert. This project will make this repository even bigger and useful for all the users by allowing the to create objects for their daily life.


The Partners

Manufacturer: Tumaker S.L.

Tumaker (@Tumakers) is a 5 years old start up focused on creating the best 3D printing solutions. Our vision is to simplifythe use of the 3D printers and make them useful for everybody by applying our connectivity technology. Voladd (@VoladdCom) is our latest contribution to this objective.


Muka Design Lab is an award-winning industrial design studio from the Basque Country in Northern Spain that specialises in create objects,  furniture, consumer goods and home appliances with character. Muka represents young talent with modern aesthetics and respect for design and materials. The studio has been featured by international specialised media and awarded at international design expos from Milan to Los Angeles.


Interview with the Maker and the Manufacturer

How did you get involved in the OpenMaker community?

The Maker: We actively collaborate with makers around us and we are permanently sharing knowledge between us.

The Manufacturer: Thanks to EIDE, the Basque designers association, we received an invitation to attend the OpenMaker presentation day, where we exhibited our projects and connected with Tumaker – from the very beginning we saw great opportunities to do lots of things together.


What are the main strengths and challenges of the partnership?

For us, we are really complementary, because manufacturers have the know-how to fabricate objects, distribute and sell, and makers have the creativity and experience to create new objects from zero, the aesthetics – together we have the strength to position new products in international markets.


Dream big! What would be the greatest achievement for your project?

The global idea is to change the world by changing the way we obtain everyday objects. Nowadays, people get objects for their daily life from traditional shops or on-line stores. Thanks to this project, people would be able to create their own objects, almost for free and in real time. They will have to choose what they want to create and just print it out. The idea is to obtain products in a different way, more creative, technological DIY, well finished and functional.


What do you hope to get out of the OpenMaker experience?

From the OpenMaker experience we would like to be connected to the community, share our work, get feedback, and open new communication channels with manufacturers and makers from Europe to get to know new innovative applications of technology in many other contexts and sectors.


Any funny anecdote you would like to share?

As a funny anecdote, we can advise on what not to print at the office while customers are visiting you. Here it is what you should not be printing: Yes, that happened to us.