The Project

Free Waste Srl has patented a machine capable of demolishing organic waste in an impressively short time (about 96 hours) with the goal of turning it into a natural compost, whereby reducing, if not eliminating, the use of chemical fertilisers. Thanks to the organic degradation of selected bacteria, the machine consists of a continuous cycle of degradation of organic waste. The machine is also useful for waste demolition in small communities (municipal districts, condominiums, canteens, convents, etc.), thus being in line with the European guidelines on circular economy and community composting.


Maker: Free Waste Srl

The Free Waste intends to use urban and extra-urban organic waste as a resource to obtain reusable products through a fast demolition (about 3 days).

Maker: Officine Innesto Srl

Officine Innesto (previously known as Officine Arduino) is the italian company that hosted and incubated the Arduino experience from 2011 to 2016. It hosts Fablab Torino, one of the biggest Italian Fablabs for size and history.

Partner: Comunicare SRL

Communicate S.r.l. works in the business to business market with commercial and back office personnel.



I'm Walter Macaluso, I collaborate with the Free Waste project, managing human resources and legal affairs since 2013.

In your experience, what are the main strengths and challenges 
of a maker-manufacturer partnership?

Surely the strong point is the possibility to create more and more innovative products. The challenge is to try to collaborate holding  different perspectives on the same things.

Dream big! What would be the greatest achievement for your project?

The main goal for our project is to be able to achieve something that can improve our daily lives. The greatest success would be to create something useful for the community.

What do you hope to get out of the OpenMaker experience?

Thanks to this experience, we hope to make new like-minded friends in the maker movement and learn something new.

As part of the maker movement, do you have any final message?

The first people we talked to about our project looked at us like we were crazy. I hope one day to meet the same people again and thank them, because without them we would never have had the right determination moving forward!