The Project

The solar energy prices significantly dropped to 0,0167 Euro/kWh, while the prices of energy from the grid is around 0,21 Euro/kWh. Such prices simply represent a disrupting process: a complete reorientation of the energy sector, meaning that the price of solar energy will drop even lower. This will create a new business opportunity to quickly switch to electric transport, but which have hardly any charging stations, and a lot of sunshine. To take advantage of this new business (and eco-friendly!) opportunity window, XtMOS would like to develop a model of integrated motors for solar transport and the utilisation of renewable energy, and finally to prototype a unique solar car.

The Partners

Manufacturer: OSMOS s.r.o.

OSMOS was established as a limited liability company for plastic products in 2005. Today, the company is one of the most successful Slovak companies exporting about 90% of its production to the EU countries.

Manufacturer: SKModel s.r.o.

SKMODEL has been on the market for the production of composite parts for the aviation industry for 13 years.

Maker: Dr. Ing. Juraj Makarovič, MTD.

Juraj Makarovič works in the department of power electrical systems EF University of Žilina in Žilina as a researcher. He obtained his MTD. in field of mechatronics and a PhD. in electro-mechanics at Technical University in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 2001 and 2006, respectively. He continued as an external consultant at ASML B.V. Further he worked as a project leader at EVPU a.s. Slovakia. He has also experiences as Product development director in Secop s.r.o., Slovakia.


We are a small group of people, who do not want to wait for what the future will bring on to us. By developing high efficient extreme motors, we want to be actively involved in society by shaping the future of our planet.


How did you get involved in the OpenMaker community?

In the process of looking for new opportunities, thanks to Centire, we came across the OpenMaker project. At that time, we were glad to discover a project supporting manufacturers and makers in just the right way. This was for us a strong inventive to write a proposal that could give the right start to the Extreme motors project.


What are the main strengths and challenges of a maker-manufacturer partnership?

Freshly formed partnerships between makers and manufacturers will in many cases result in products or technologies that positively disrupt our way of life in order to create a better future. However, bringing an idea from scratch to the market is very challenging and we are happy that OpenMaker will support us.


Dream big! What would be the greatest achievement for your project?

Bringing Extreme Motors to society all around the world to help decrease CO2 production would give us great satisfaction. But standing at the beginning of our journey, we are looking forward to the future with modesty!


What do you hope to get out of the OpenMaker experience?

OpenMaker is a good opportunity for us to improve in the process of bringing an idea to the market. We hope to meet and consult with experienced people who can help us improve and grow. In this way, we will be prepared for other disruptive ideas.