The project

E-grow aims to Develop a prototype of autonomous raised  bed, garden hose and solar panel driven by CNC machines - Farmbot and a software application based on the knowledge of ecological agriculture.

The Partners

Manufacturer: GROW CUBE s.r.o.

They specialise in the manufacturing of massive wood raised bed gardens designed for ecological agriculture. They products are made of high quality renewable materials and are characterised by a long lifespan and original design. They also apply permaculture and ecological principles to our products.

Maker: Parsnip s.r.o.

Company Parsnip s.r.o. covers a wide-range in IT businesses - they excel in data analysis and the maintenance and monitoring of web applications.

Meet Grow Cube

Makers and Manufacturers: a match made in heaven?

Both teams are made of young and passionate people, complementing each other's knowledge and expertise in ecological agriculture and IT technologies. We also share a joint vision for sustainability, ecology and innovative technologies, which pushes us forward to achieve our common goals.


Dream big! What would be the greatest achievement for your project?

Our mission is to develop an autonomous and sustainable organic food production system. Our dream is to become the leader of the Slovak and European market for raised bed gardens and to involve as many people as possible into growing their own food and become self-sustainable at least seasonally. The main challenge that stands on our way is that Farmbot technology is still under development and it might have some bugs and a few limitations. However, we believe that our team will take a part in overcoming these obstacles!


What do you hope to get out of the OpenMaker experience?

This project will influence the short and the long term economic growth of our company. It would also help us to extend our product portfolio and to succeed in new agricultural spheres, where we see a great potential. It might also help us to develop an automatic system of food self-sustainability.


Would you like to share any interesting anecdote?

The final version of our application form for the OpenMaker project froze just two hours before the deadline for the first round of selection due to unknown reasons. We were short on time and had to fix it immediately. Finally, we managed to submit a 'stitched' document just three minutes before the online submission system closed. Eventually, we made it into the semi-finals! 🙂