OpenMaker has a number of diverse offerings that might be of your interest, whether you are a maker seeking to build partnerships with manufacturers or vice versa, or if you are a researcher interested in our work mapping the maker and manufacturer communities of Europe through our Platform, or finally a policymaker seeking to understand ways in which you can improve your local manufacturing economy.

How Do You Identify?

The OpenMaker accelerators programmes in Italy, UK, Slovakia and Spain that will enable successful partnerships between manufactures and makers and will create a local community of innovators. The initiative will:

  • Offer seminars, matching events and training sessions
  • Establish spaces where makers, innovators, manufacturers are encouraged to work in partnership.
  • Launch a Piloting Support Scheme in the form of an Open Call which will make €400,000 available to fund 20 projects that bring together traditional manufacturers and makers in the LES.


The OpenMaker Digital Social Platform will provide OpenMaker participants with a digital environment to stay engaged (online), thereby supporting participants to better develop their social capital and increase their social impact in terms of innovation, knowledge transfer, and business success. The platform will build on members’ concrete needs and values and bring them together in a community-building process, multiplying the innovation potential of each accelerator programme thanks to a novel approach to social platforms based on notions of shared values and trust-based networks. The platform will:

  • Enhance the quantity and quality of social interactions and trust relations among members across different accelerator programmes and with the wider global community of makers and manufacturers.
  • Monitor the evolution of the communities and feed-back the network metrics of social impact and innovation success to their members.


The Consortium will write policy recommendations that promote open manufacturing across geographical and socio-economic borders. Institutional and political interest in the potential for open manufacturing will be raised by communicating and extrapolating more general conclusions to define successful strategies and digital tools to scale-up communities oriented towards social innovation in the manufacturing sector, as well as to transfer these findings to other communities, cities and industries.