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The OM Platform in a Nutshell

The OpenMaker Digital Social Platform (DSP) is not yet another social platform for the maker movement. We are not asking users to change their digital interactions and online behaviours. The final version of the DSP will mainly represent an aggregator of data generated by the maker community and traditional manufacturers, a harvester of the data already available on social media and, of course, on the web worldwide. More specifically, the DSP will locate the online presence and footprints of the member of the maker community. Thus, our aim is to map the network structure of the actors playing a role in the  open manufacturing sector.

The Platform is designed to support the growth of the OpenMaker community by providing information on:

  • Innovative projects;
  • Participation in events and challenges;
  • Theme-based articles and tutorials;
  • Ongoing and past initiatives.

We also hope to draw conclusions on the community information collected through the Platform to define successful strategies and digital tools to scale-up social innovation-oriented communities in the manufacturing sector.

Would you like to know more?

Our Platform aims to provide users with a digital environment to stay engaged online beyond the participation in physical and community based activities in the local Accelerators. We aim to help community member to further develop their social capital and increase their social impact in terms of innovation, knowledge transfer and business success.

Cutting-edge analytics and vanguard techniques are applied to explore the content shared by the users and networking links they generate across existing social media platforms (such as Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) - of course, with the full permission of the users and adhering to digital-commons principles. This will allow our users to have better sense of their own and their peers’ presence online. In particular, the Platform will provide users with an easy-to-read dashboard displaying the most relevant social innovation indicators expressed in intuitive graphical representations.

Our goal is to attract the various stakeholders of the emergent open manufacturing paradigm. As well as facilitating the programmes run by the Accelerators, we aim to be a source of collaborative knowledge and collective intelligence and support informed decision-making and purposeful actions. The core application is for the makers as much as for the manufacturers and other relevant stakeholders, such as researchers, industry influencers and policy makers.

The Platform can act as a source of information on new, innovative projects and ongoing or past initiatives, and a place where to share inspirational stories, access relevant articles and tutorials, or look for resources.

Ultimately, the platform can also provide the means to validate our understanding of the practices underlying the Open Manufacturing paradigm and distil general conclusions to define successful strategies and the digital tools to scale-up tech-driven and socially oriented innovations. We expect that these findings and tools will be transferable and scalable in other communities, cities and industries.