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The Project SPiDA (Smart Print: Inspiring the Digital Artisan) aims at piloting a digital smart print database with the vision […]

Sistema Venezia

The Project Sistema Venezia is a modular wooden furnishing solution made with cubic joints and connection systems. It is designed […]


The Project Bio-cultivator is an innovative bio-inspired balcony greenhouse for urban areas. The goal of the project is to build […]

Move Ideas, Not Kilos

The Project PlayWood is a innovative modular furniture system that combines connectors and boards to create desks, shelves, stools and […]

Temporary Custodians Platform

The Project The product will be an interactive website that provides a platform for private collections, including the collections of […]


The Project Free Waste Srl has patented a machine capable of demolishing organic waste in an impressively short time (about […]

Origami Pulse

The Project Mental Health Challenges cause £26.1 billion of lost earnings every year in the UK. Zulay Newell of Mobile […]


The Project The aim of this project is to create practical and high quality 3D products to be printed with […]


The Project The solar energy prices significantly dropped to 0,0167 Euro/kWh, while the prices of energy from the grid is […]


The Project   Digital Crystal Manufacturing (DCM) seeks to digitise the making of sculpture/crystal artefacts by allowing artisans to reuse molds […]